maandag 10 oktober 2016

Flavours of the month

In his brand new album Skeleton Tree Nick Cave teaches us what loss sounds like, and it's mesmerizing. Two tracks rank in our monthly list. Radiohead just released a brand new single off their gorgeous latest album and it's an instant peak position. There are a few Belgian bands as well, such as the long-awaited Kapitan Korsakov single, the first song they released in many years, and it's something to get really excited about. Same for Grandaddy, who unexpectedly came back from the dead. Support your local talent, or at least your local label: new on Jezus Factory Records is a beautiful song by Rudy Trouvé. And last but not least, Crystal Fairy is a promising brand new superband with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Teri Gender Bender. Lots of music to get excited about. Enjoy!

  1. Radiohead - Present Tense
  2. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - I Need You
  3. The Strokes - Drag Queen
  4. Holy Holy - Darwinism
  5. The Slow Show - Ordinary Lives
  6. Kapitan Korsakov - Caramelle
  7. Nick Cave & The Bads Seeds - Jesus Alone
  8. Temples - Certainty
  9.  Car Seat Headrest - Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales
  10. American Wrestlers - Give Up
  11. Pumarosa - Cecile
  12. Crystal Fairy - Drugs On the Bus
  13. Grandaddy - Way We Won't
  14. Blaenavon - My Bark Is Your Bite
  15. sperwer - JAGER
  16. Summer Moon - With You Tonight
  17. The Pigeon Detectives - Lose Control
  18. Tycho - Epoch
  19. The Blinders - I Can't Breathe Blues
  20. Is Bliss - Ocean Blue
  21. Rudy Trouvé - Thin Can
  22. Baba Naga - Plna Krvy
  23. Saint Leonard's Horses - The Strangelove Hotel Suite
  24. NOTS - Entertain Me
  25. Bon Iver - 8
  26. The Glücks - CuCuCuCool
  27. Woodkid - Land Of All
  28. Heavy Suns - Blood To My Bones
  29. Hooton Tennis Club - Katy-Anne Bellis
  30. Admiral Freebee - Kim Basinger

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