maandag 28 mei 2012

You occupy my heart

Y      O        U            O         C      C        U        P    Y           M     Y           H        E      A         R       T

With flags and masks and slogans
You rush into the streets
The streets of love are red as blood
You occupy my arteries

You scream you had enough
You really want to change
The way that things are going
You want to rearrange

And now my heart is taken
It yielded without protest
I know that you won't break it
As occupying guest

With flags and masks and slogans
You occupy my heart
You fight my white blood cells
You hide inside my veins
You flee through my aorta
A rush to my poor brain

You knew my heart was aching
But no one seemed to know
Heart failure's never faking
Its weathering was slow

But you come in sweet defiance
Like a virus in demand
Against the rules of science
You occupy Heartland

With flags and masks and slogans
You occupy my heart
You devised a sly masterplan
That no one will outsmart
No army will be strong enough
They all would fall apart

You declare that you're here to stay
The enemies have lost
You appoint yourself the new mayor
You persevere at any cost

And delegates from all corners of my body
Rush straight into my heart
For centuries they will sing about
How you occupied my heart

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