zaterdag 27 mei 2017

Flavours of the month

There is just no way of ignoring the comeback that rocks the Belgian music industry: the excellent third album by Millionaire, called Sciencing. Just like LCD Soundsystem, alt-J and Forest Swords they have two singles in my monthly list. The National is back as well and we have to go back to High Violet for a first single that was this powerful. Good job, Matt. Scotland's sweethearts Mogwai never fail to impress either, this time with a first new song called 'Coolverine'. Do check our local heroes too, such as Brutus, Rhinos Are People Too, The Girl Who Cried Wolf, BRNS, and from The Netherlands: HunterStreet. Do Make Say Think is still number one. Obviously.

  1. Do Make Say Think - Bound and Boundless
  2. The National - The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness
  3. Millionaire - Busy Man
  4. alt-J - In Cold Blood
  5. Grizzly Bear - Three Rings
  6. Forest Swords - Arms Out
  7. The Janitors - Trojan Ghost
  8. Mogwai - Coolverine
  9. The Comet Is Coming - Start Running
  10. Whitney - You've Got a Woman
  11. HunterStreet - ZOO
  12. Brutus - Drive
  13. Rhinos Are People Too - Ariel
  14. The Dreams Never End - Cold Dawn
  15. Millionaire - I'm Not Who You Think You Are
  16. The Girl Who Cried Wolf - Tin Men
  17. alt-J - Adeline
  18. LCD Soundsystem - Call the Police
  19. BRNS - Pious Platitudes
  20. Vilde - Maintain
  21. No Metal In This Battle - Alaska Beach
  22. Blanck Mass - Silent Treatment
  23. Cristobal and the Sea - Goat Flokk
  24. Forest Swords - Exalter
  25. LCD Soundsystem - American Dream
  26. Roger Waters - Smell the Roses
  27. Downtown Boys - A Wall
  28. Fins Ara - Veer
  29. Phoenix - Ti Amo
  30. Royal Blood - Lights Out

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