maandag 16 januari 2017

Impeachment song

You're a ginger muppet, you're like Fozzie on prozac,
a soap opera jock, fallen glory like BoJack,
but those who elected you they're even worse off,
their brain cells combined they might get a diploma.
Oh fuck, no, they didn't, close but no cigar.
The Alt-right use their brain the way Boris plays guitar.
Look what they've done, and they start to regret it.
They voted a joke that looks stupid on Reddit.
Your views on the world lead to nothing but shipwreck.
What to think of a leader whose tweets need a fact check.
You're dumb, dumber, trump, you're a threat, yeah, you're dangerous;
a comic book villain, Zedd from the fucking Power Rangers,
a typical crook just like Bush or Darth Vader,
but your evil mind is the Barringer crater.
Go fuck yourself, Donald, let go of the hate, man.
Withdraw from the White House to make Murica great again.

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