dinsdag 16 april 2013

Forgotten words

Hieronder enkele gedichten en flarden tekst die ik tussen 2008 en 2013 heb geschreven. Er zit echt wat van alles tussen. Respectievelijk:
Jij, Kleine Zus

So he’s got your wife
And he’s got your kid
And you’ve tried everything
To get through with this shit

And you tried the box
And you tried the shirt
Even tried your socks
But it doesn’t work

This is complete madness
And the phone keeps ringing

This is really too much
More than you can bear
You want to save the ones
You love over there

But you’re powerless
Don’t know what to do
How to answer it
You don’t have a clue

You are going mad
And the phone keeps ringing

Now it’s time to act
You’re sure you heard a gun
You want to help them now
Yet you cannot run

‘Cause your foot is tied
To this goddamn chain
You don’t want them to die
You’re going insane

You cannot hold this much longer
You’ve got to do something
Right now
Or it will be too late
And the phone keeps ringing

So you grab this tool
Lying next to you
And you grab your foot
This is what you’ll do

You’ll barely feel the pain
You only have one goal
Madness grabs your brain
Insanity rules your soul

It’s not an easy job
Hard to cut through the bone
But once you’re done with it
You feel like going home

But it dawns on you
Will this sacrifice
Matter anymore
Or were you telling lies?

The pain is unbearable
Your mind is shattered
And the phone stopped ringing

So let us go back then
Back to these streets
Back to the park
To fulfill nostalgic needs

We will drink hot chocolate
From this shop on 103rd
And bagels will be our madeleines
As we get lost in the herd

We will board a ferry
And see this old lady
We will frolic near the lake
Have a drink in all things shady

We can get off at 33rd
Get restless in the whirl
Walk seven more downtown
Feed the pigeons, feed the squirrels 

We will see the blue whale
When we visit the museum
Get lost in Manhattan
To relive our dream

Sometimes it’s short, sometimes it’s long
Sometimes a rattle, sometimes a song
Sometimes like heaven and sometimes like hell
Always a blessing, so spend the day well


une grosse sauterelle verte            


E          N                     W         A          T                      D         A          N                     N         O         G

Priest in the sewer
Feeding off rats
Sleeping in a pool of crap
Shitting amidst bats
Rats will take over the world
Riding on gators
Biding time while man succumbs
Rats will prosper later
They will inherit our world
As we have messed it up
So better bring faith to the drain
Right now religion stop!

Jij, kleine zus,
Onbedoelwit van twee machten.
Ontsnapt eraan ben ik.
Wat staat jou nog te wachten?

Vangnet van de pijlen
Die je ouders schieten.
Altijd raak, zelden mis
Schijf van vlees en
In de kamer
Van je bestaan.

Red, red wine
Cold champagne
Let’s get drunk
In the rain

Be alive
On the balcony
Hold a knife
Sex in jeopardy

Order pizza
Drown in beer
Max our pleasure
Love in gear

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