vrijdag 26 januari 2018

Flavours of the month

New year, new month, new music. Yet we're still quite in awe of lots of good stuff from 2017, with Amenra still at the peak position. There are some comebacks to be much excited about: Jack White, The Voidz (with Julian Casablancas), eels, a freaky psychedelic single by of Montreal that you can dance to. Car Seat Headrest has re-recorded their old album Twin Fantasy, and boy, do we love that first single. Ty Segall released his brand new album Freedom's Goblin this week and it is definitely a must-hear. There are some bands that feature twice in this list: Franz Ferdinand, Ty Segall and Autobahn. Finally, there are some Belgian bands you should definitely check out: Flying Horseman, BRNS, Millionaire, dirk. obviously - but also The Girl Who Cried Wolf, Public Psyche, ii Dead Boys, The Geraldines, OUTER, Sam Renascent, The Insect Soldiers Of the Sky - soooo much yummy Belgian stuff.

  1. Amenra - A Solitary Reign
  2. of Montreal - Paranoiac Intervals/Body Dysmorphia
  3. Franz Ferdinand - Feel the Love Go
  4. BRNS - Forest
  5. Car Seat Headrest - Nervous Young Inhumans
  6. Ty Segall - The Main Pretender
  7. dirk. - Milk
  8. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Anthem For No State
  9. Manchester Orchestra - The Gold
  10. Flying Horseman - Deep Earth
  11. Ty Segall - Alta
  12. Jack White - Corporation
  13. Tame Impala - Taxi's Here
  14. ii Dead Boys - Snowboat
  15. Nikolaj Efendi - Flames Took It All
  16. The Geraldines - Fluff
  17. Autobahn - The Moral Crossing
  18. Autobahn - Execution/Rise
  19. The Girl Who Cried Wolf - White Noise
  20. OUTER - eyja
  21. Brockhampton - Boogie
  22. eels - The Deconstruction
  23. Mogwai - Crossing the Road Material
  24. The Voidz - Leave It In My Dreams
  25. Millionaire - Silent River
  26. Public Psyche - Patterns
  27. Sam Renascent - Kobotama
  28. Franz Ferdinand - Lazy Boy
  29. The Insect Soldiers Of the Sky - Tyranitar
  30. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - American Guilt

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