vrijdag 24 februari 2017


Painting the streets with the colours I've earned.
There aren't many but that's okay.
Soaked them from dreams and nightmares,
spilling the blue and the grey.
Infusion of madness when I close my eyes.
I travel far and deep through space and time,
and in my mind there's no residue of sadness.
I wiped it away with a cloth drenched in life.
Awake there are different dimensions to face.
Reality is an old enemy, a fiend I am used to.

Yawn and sharpen my gaze,
look in the mirror and I look away,
still tired but I can't face the day.

Self-deception's a habit that I want to break.
Yet there's more to the ego than meets the I,

and there's plenty of use in the future
but there surely is no you in mine.

Foto: Broeihaard

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