zondag 15 september 2013

First Night In Newhaven

I jump.
My two feet hit the tarmac.
I know that by now
Life has destroyed me somehow.

Rain welcomes my defeat.
Desolation never sleeps.
Dark mansions rush through the fog,
No living soul in the streets
Of my life, part two.
Lonely in a town not of my choice.

A train passes,
Quick catalogue of faces
Tired and bored.
Can I choose one?
Can I keep it
As a life-long companion
In this urban heart of darkness?

House of God, open your doors!
Am I to crave for your pews
As a beggar on your stairs?
Eat with me and drink with me,
Be my bearer of light and truth
In the city of tomorrow,
Still an outpost to my past.

Dance with me on the cobblestones,
Be my devil and my sun.
Superstition has no place
In this black heart worn with age,
Yet this temple will sustain me,
Show me mercy, entertain me,
Be the seed of hopes and dreams
And my first new memories.

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