dinsdag 17 maart 2015

Leopold II

It's 2015... and all over Belgium there are still several statues of king Leopold II. 
Is it because Belgium doesn't care about history? Because not the Belgians, but 'only' the Congolese were afflicted by this dictator's brutal management of 'his property'? So we don't feel pain when we look at King Leopold's statue. Okay. But not even shame? Not even the feeling that these statues are cruel anachronisms? An insult to every person whose ancestors have suffered under his rule?
In primary school we learned how this 'greatest of Belgian kings' brought prosperity to Belgium, and how we all should be thankful. This was only in the 90s. Has this changed now? What are Belgian children of the 21st century taught about this mass murderer?
When will we finally remove his statues from the streets and stop honouring all the bloodshed this monster is guilty of?

Belgium. Still rather proud of its past. It seems.

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