vrijdag 17 mei 2013

Walking away

Walking Away

Walking away from the mountain,
That haven of certainty
That you once had given me,
And now has been covered in
Malign mists and rainy doubts,
Gathering like a cold and dense
Cumulus cloud,
Creating a vicious volcano
And turning this long-standing haven
Into a misty mountaintop of madness.

No call from any creature
Could make my hair stand on end,
In as much as a single glance
Upon that loathesome mountain of doom,
Of self-fulfilling disaster,
My own private Ragnarok
I'm now trying to escape.

I stumble and fall.
Thorny bushes bruise and scratch
My arms
My legs
My hands
My face.
All marked with the tenacity
And the voracity
Of this unremitting urge
To turn around,
Climb that horrible hillside and

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